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Physical activity is a great way to improve your overall health, and many patients find it to be very fun in general. In fact, contact sports are a very popular recreational activity. If you are involved in an active and healthy pastime, we encourage you to wear an athletic mouth guard to prevent serious oral injury.

The use of a proper mouth guard is intended to prevent large and small mouth injuries, including jaw and tooth damage and tooth loss. If you are looking for a high-quality protective appliance, Dr. LeeAnn Hatfield and our team would be happy to provide a custom mouth guard that is designed to fit your unique smile and protect your teeth and jaws. Because these appliances are small in size, they can travel in your pocket or purse and be used when it’s time for a practice or game.

We recommend the use of mouth guards for more than just playing a high-contact sport, though. Even activities like gymnastics, running, skateboarding and biking require safety gear. In fact, there are benefits of wearing a mouth guard, and our dentist is happy to answer any questions you have regarding this protective appliance.

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