If you are thinking about undergoing a dental procedure to improve the appearance of your smile, you may be wondering which procedures can benefit you. Of course, every patient requires an individual assessment and consultation before our cosmetic dentist, Dr. LeeAnn Hatfield, considers any treatment. Generally speaking, however, patients who are in reasonably good health can take advantage of most cosmetic dentistry procedures where indicated. Clearly, each case has its own requirements, and there are various treatment options for some conditions. When you and our dentist decide upon a treatment plan, you will be on your way to a new, confidence-boosting smile! For more information on the aesthetic services we offer, view the following pages:

Patients who are simply looking for some way to brighten their teeth can often get the results they want from easy, non-invasive teeth whitening. Other folks may wish to replace teeth that have been lost due to injury or decay. Modern dentistry has provided more options for tooth replacement than have ever been available before. While you have the option of using time-tested dental crowns and bridges, you may instead opt for a dental implant restoration, which is currently considered to be the gold standard of teeth replacements. Many flaws may be corrected with dental veneers and dental bonding, and you can straighten your teeth invisibly with the advanced orthodontic techniques that we offer at Hatfield Cosmetic & Family Dentist.

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