Sedation Treatment Makes Dental Work More Comfortable

Dental anxiety and dental phobia are among the most common fears, and they can wreak havoc on your dental health if you do not find a way to address the situation. Most people who have a fear of the dentist really have dental anxiety. Dental phobia is much more debilitating and requires the help of a trained therapist to resolve. Dental anxiety, however, is very treatable nowadays, especially with the branch of dentistry that seeks to treat anxiety with sedative options. This type of dentistry uses medications to help relax the patient. In addition to being a great way to deal with dental anxiety, sedative options are occasionally used for people who need to get a lot of work done in one sitting, as well as for patients who have trouble remaining in one position for dental work. For safe and effective sedation dentistry in Greer, South Carolina, talk to our friendly dentist and team.

What Kinds Are Available at Hatfield Dentistry?

At Hatfield Cosmetic & Family Dentist, we have two types of conscious sedation: inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas), and oral sedation. When you consult with our dentist regarding your dental anxiety, she will determine what form of sedation will best suit your condition. If oral sedation may be best, you will be prescribed a few anti-anxiety pills to take, one the night before treatment to help with sleep, and the other you take at a pre-determined time before your appointment.

IV Sedation

We also offer IV, or intravenous, sedation for patients who need more sedation than is available via oral medications. This can be helpful for patients who must undergo several procedures at one time, or who have a very high level of dental anxiety or phobia. Dr. LeeAnn Hatfield will discuss your need for sedation before making any decisions about the type that is best suited for you. Typically, patients who have a need for IV sedation experience a state of deep relaxation, are not bothered by the dental proceedings, and usually have little to no memory of the treatment afterward. It does not necessarily mean that the patient is completely unconscious; however, the amnesia produced often leaves patients feeling as if they have slept through their dental work.

If you think you can benefit from dental sedation options, we invite you to make an appointment with our accomplished and caring dentist You do not have to dread having dental work done; just call us at 864-968-8811 and try sedation treatment!