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Teeth sensitivity when eating or drinking develops when the defensive enamel on the surface of your tooth wears away. It can also happen when the gum line recedes exposing the roots.


Once the enamel is worn, your teeth will feel pain when drinking or eating anything that is cold, hot, acidic or sweet. Even breathing in cold air can become bothersome.


To retain your tooth enamel and keep them from becoming sensitive, try to stay away from these three things:


Too Vigorous Tooth Brushing:


Lots of patients afflicted by receding gums are suffering because they brush their teeth too fervently. This may also cause the reduction of enamel on the actual surface of the teeth, not just the gums. Decide now to take a gentle approach on your teeth and gums by using a water jet or a soft-bristled toothbrush.


Reduce or Cut-Out Sodas and Sugary Drinks


Drinking colas and other sugary sodas, even seemingly healthy fruit juices have been the cause of extensive enamel loss among the masses because of the acidity. But since pop and juice is not fading, this is what you can do instead of giving them up… Use a straw! A straw will deliver the destructive drink past your pearly whites and send it directly down where it can do its damage to other parts of your body. As long as it doesn’t touch your teeth, you’re golden.


Don’t Chew Ice


Being without calories, sugar and acid-free, ice cannot harm you if eaten. Although, crunching on it may crack your teeth. There are a lot more ice crunchers out there than you may know. Don’t be one!


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